Little Fish Are Sweet: Don’t Discount the Smaller Pools

I’ve had a pretty good week on the pools front, and the best returns have come from smaller pools. This short video outlines why, and what you might want to think about if playing them…


4 responses to “Little Fish Are Sweet: Don’t Discount the Smaller Pools”

  1. Daniel Mulloy avatar
    Daniel Mulloy

    More on placepots

    1. Sure thing, Daniel. Coming soon 👍

  2. Joe bell avatar
    Joe bell

    Interesting video and angle. I was always put off doing placepots etc as I found them confusing, however the tix site seems to help simplify things. Out of interest is there anywhere that you can read up on the difference between say the quadpot, placepot and placepot 7. You also mentioned you need to like the look at the placepot what do you mean? Does different pots pay out different etc?

    1. Hi Joe

      There’s plenty of explainer content on this site, including

      In terms of ‘liking the look’ of a particular pool, I mean you need to feel like you have an angle that might make it pay a few quid. Otherwise, you only know what everyone else knows, that’s going to deflate the dividend. This paragraph will make more sense after you’ve read the content at the links above, assuming you don’t already understand what I mean!