Best tote pools to play

There will always be some debate about which are the best and worst tote pools to play. The reality is that if you don’t have a strong opinion on at least part of the bet, then there are no good pools to play! However, assuming you do have something of a view, then these are some of the multi-race tote pools which might help you convert that opinion to cash.

Naturally, Tix has been built to help with that mission!


Quadpot (and Irish jackpot)

The Quadpot demands an opinion FOR at least one horse, and AGAINST at least one favoured horse. Ideally, you should have views on at least two races, and one opposable favourite in a third race. That allows for a bit more latitude in the ‘other’ leg.

Weighted structuring in the bet is crucial, and those who play 2x2x2x2 get what they deserve! [That’s why we created Tix – to help bring better outcomes to everyone 🙂 ]



The same drill as above, except that we’re looking for more opinions. Here, though, you might have a race down to two runners rather than a single strong call. Keep in mind that, with six legs to get through, the cost of every horse in every leg amplifies the price of the bet.

Jackpots should typically only be played when you have the bankroll to spread out, and enough strong opinions to justify entering the arena. But with Tote accepting unit stakes as low as a penny and ticket stakes from just 50p, Tix can help you cash some tasty tickets.

The record Jackpot payout was £1,445,671.71 from a £2 bet!



The most popular tote pool bet in UK (also available in Ireland), the placepot requires players to find a placed horse in each of six consecutive races at a single meeting. As with all multi-race bets, you should have at least a couple of solid opinions through the race sequence to stand a better than ‘lucky’ chance of collecting a dividend.

Players should look at the sequence of races and weigh up how likely it is that the dividend will pay well (based on the number of fancied horses considered likely to make the frame), and whether or not to get involved as a consequence.

If races look open enough, or if there appear to be vulnerable favourites, then optmising the structure of your placepot is imperative. Our recommendation is to use A, B, and occasionally C tickets for placepots. More on that in the ABCX section.


Placepot 7

The Placepot 7 is a seven leg placepot that can span more than one meeting. Although it’s ‘only’ one leg longer than a traditional placepot, that seventh race makes a big difference to both ticket costs and dividend returns.

Players need to have a couple of races where a banker might be deployed if they’re not to over-stake and risk losing money on a ‘winning’ bet.


Scoop 6

The ‘golden ticket’ for many, Scoop 6 is a tough one to land, on the win part at least. It actually consists of two separate bets, a win bet and a place bet, conforming to the principles of the jackpot and placepot respectively. The challenge is made more difficult by a minimum unit – and ticket – stake of £2, which is where optimal staking really comes into its own. Because of its difficulty, Scoop 6 pools often roll over into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In spite of the challenge, players can hope to recoup some or all of their outlay by finding a placed runner in each leg.

Additionally, for those smart/lucky enough to hit the Scoop 6, there is a bonus fund which also often rolls over to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Winning players from the Scoop 6 win fund are invited to pick the winner of the most competitive handicap on the following Scoop 6 card. Simple!


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