How Tix Works

What Is the Multi-Race Bet Builder?

Are you ready to improve your tote betting game? Feel like your current perms are a bit ‘flabby’? Welcome to! Our Multi-Race Ticket Builder is your secret weapon for crafting more strategic plays, and works with various bet types. Whether you’re playing the Jackpot, Placepot, Quadpot, Scoop 6, or Placepot 7, we’ve got you covered. So say hello to the TIX app, a super easy new way to create optimal multi-race bets in no time flat.


How it Works

Here’s how it works. You know you don’t fancy your top choice in the race the same as your fourth possible, and you know the 2/1 favourite probably has a better chance of hitting its mark than the interesting 12/1 shot you’ve picked out. So why have the same level of stake on them? With TIX, you can now easily weight your play towards the horses you like most, whilst still covering plenty of less likely – but more rewarding if coming off – scenarios.

Below is a step by step overview of TIX

  • First, choose your preferred bet type: Scoop 6, Placepot 7, Jackpot, Placepot, or Quadpot on the START tab
  • Next, set your total budget and base stake. You can adjust this later if you need to
  • Now, on the RACES tab, choose your A, B and C selections for each leg
  • Once you’re happy with your picks, review the bet breakdown on the TICKETS tab
  • Make any required changes to individual ticket stakes or the stake multipliers on the TICKETS tab
  • When you’re happy with the shape and cost of your tickets, place your bets straight into the tote pools with one click
  • You can track your bet history, and download your tickets, from the BETS tab

A bit more detail…

A, B and C Selections:

  • A Selections: These are your top picks — the horses you believe have the best chance of winning or placing.
  • B Selections: These contenders will improve the dividend if they hit the board. They’re less likely than A picks, but you feel they’re worth including.
  • C Selections: These are your dark horses — the long shots that could surprise, and are sure to bump up the payout if they can oust the fancied horses.

Combinations and Multipliers

Once you’ve chosen your A, B and C horses in each leg, our bet builder creates various ticket combinations based on your selections. You may choose to play any or all of the following:

  • All A Selections on One Ticket: Covering your strongest picks.
  • A Selections, replacing A picks with B picks in one leg: Combining most of your biggest fancies with your second tier contenders in one leg.
  • A Selections, replacing A picks with B picks in two legs: Combining your main fancies in all bar two legs, and adding in your ‘interesting possibles’ in those other two races.
  • A Selections, replacing A picks with C picks in one leg: Hitting one of your C’s can transform a humdrum ‘top of the market’ bet into a bumper payday.

Customize your stake by choosing from x4, x3, x2 or x1 for each ticket combination type – you have the control to adjust your risk and potential reward accordingly.


Why Use Our Multi-Race Bet Builder?

Because most people are playing multi-race bets like placepots, jackpots and Scoop 6 all wrong. And, if you’re playing these bets, you’re playing against most people!

Being the best form judge in the world counts for little if you stake your bets poorly; and, likewise, if you’re only an average form student, you can significantly improve your chances with some smart staking.

That’s where TIX comes in. Say goodbye to expensive ‘caveman’ perms, and embrace optimal staking at the click of a button or a tap of your smartphone screen.

No more drowning in permutations. TIX saves you heaps of time *and* makes you a more sophisticated player.

So, are you ready to build your winning tickets? Try TIX, our Multi-Race Ticket Builder today and take your tote betting to the next level!

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Remember, always play responsibly. Over 18’s only. Good luck!