This section is updated daily with what we consider to be the best bankers (i.e. horses which should get the job done), and blowouts (i.e. horses that look vulnerable compared with their market position).

We’ll get this wrong on occasion, so feel free to follow your own path. But if you’re looking for horses to ‘single’ or races in which to take a broader sweep, this should help you decide.

Each day, we’ll select what we think are the best meetings and pools to play. These will normally be based on a rollover, or an expected larger than usual pool size, or a perceived vulnerability in the chances of the market leaders. Again, this is intended as guidance rather than obligatory advice, so feel free to agree or ignore!

For what I hope are obvious reasons, we can’t offer full bet perms in this section. This is because if everyone makes the exact same bets, the dividends will be much lower.