About Tix

Tix is a collaboration between Matt Bisogno and Nigel Dove.

Matt is best known for his racing software site, geegeez.co.uk, which is perennially voted ‘Best Betting Website’ and ‘Best Betting Data Resource’. He’s a horse racing punter and racehorse owner and syndicator who absolutely loves multi-race pool betting. Away from racing, Matt’s a huge AFC Bournemouth fan and loves to slope off skiing (geddit?)┬áduring the winter months.

Nige is the brains behind much of the software on geegeez as well as a number of exchange automation software titles including Bet Mover. He consults with major software houses in the betting space and is a keen mountain biker and general outdoors nut.

Tix is a tool Nige built to scratch an itch Matt had: to make better, smarter bets into the big multi-race Tote pools. We hope it hits the spot for you, too.

– Matt & Nige, creators of Tix

Matt and Nige, Tix creators